We are currently updating the New Savoy Partnership website, which will be coming soon.


The New Savoy Partnership is a unique coalition of organizations that came together in 2007 to persuade government to recognize the value of psychological therapies provided free on the NHS. Its core mission – choice of evidence-based psychological therapies to improve national wellbeing, has been taken up by successive governments.

In 2007 we also founded an annual conference, The New Savoy Conference – Psychological Therapies in the NHS. It has become one of the highlight events of the mental health calendar. It is the only national forum where all the different disciplines delivering evidence-based psychological therapies across the publicly-funded sector come together. Each year an unrivalled line-up of international experts gathers together with clinicians from all disciplines, representatives of mental health charities and experts by experience, including professionals who speak up about their own experience, leading NHS providers, commissioners, researchers and politicians and policy makers

The discussions and debates that we host focus on complex scientific questions as well as the policy and practice challenges of implementing evidence based practice in the UK context. We are entirely independent of government, industry, and sectarian lobby groups. Whatever support we receive comes from working in partnership with others who share our common interests (see our Useful Links page). Our distinctive mission is to promote a professional practice to enable “universal choice” (of whichever evidence-based therapy works best for us) – evidence-best practice. (That is not one size fits all).

This website hosts our archive of conference speeches and presentations and also provides links to our original Declarations, and our Welfare Pledge, Staff Charter, and Evidence Consensus Statement that relate to partnership-led projects and campaigns. You can get involved in these specifically, or come along to our annual conference and meet with others leading this work, as well as hear about new scientific developments.

Jeremy Clarke CBE
Founding Chair - New Savoy Partnership