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The 2007 Psychological Therapies in the NHS Conference

We would like to thank all of those who attended the first Psychological Therapies in the NHS Conference.

In particular we would like to thank:

Our scientific advisors: Michael Barkham and Phil Richardson.

Our programme authors: Malcolm Allen, Andy Bell, Jo-anne Carlyle, Paul Corry, Kam Dhillon, Richard Evans, Paul Farmer, Matt Fossey, Alison Foster, Tirril Harris, Cristian Holmes, Avis Johns, Gillian Leng, Chris Mace, Susan McPherson, John Mellor-Clark, Matthew Patrick, Mark Peterson, Steve Pilling, Nancy Rowland, James Seward, Mary Target, Linda Treliving and Graham Turpin.

And those that gave additional advice: Anna Bravesmith, David Clark, Ronald Doctor, Chris Evans, Ralph Goldstein, Fiona Henderson, Steve Isaacs, Richard Layard, Francis Little, Julian Lousada, Phil Lucas, Joyce Piper, Jonathan Smith, Annabel Thomas, Tom Thorpe and David Veale.




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