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Past Conferences

This page contains links to past Psychological Therapies in the NHS Conferences.

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The New Savoy conferences represent a unique living history of the growing impact of the evidence-based movement in mental health and social care generally and, more specifically, in the field of psychological therapies in the UK. But the one thing they are not is a place for those who wish to retreat to the relative safety of their own professional community or their organizational silo.

When Professor Michael Barkham, the late Professor Phil Richardson and myself set up the first New Savoy conference in 2007 we announced an ambitious vision: Our objective is to help shape the intellectual climate in which a national strategy for psychological therapies can develop. We wish, in short, to foster a new, open and forward thinking dialogue around evidence- based practice.

It is fair to say that we exceeded our own ambition. Each year we have been privileged to hear directly from the Government Ministers responsible for mental health, who have used the occasion of the annual conference to set out government policy and be held to account and challenged on its implementation. Each year we have been privileged also to be able to invite leading international scientists and researchers across the field to present cutting edge developments.

And across successive years a community of practitioners and clinical leaders has gathered to share best practice, to come together to discuss common issues and pressing practical problems, and to learn from each other’s experience. Nowhere else in mental health, and rarely in publicly funded services, does such an open, honest and generous dialogue across different disciplines take place.

Jeremy Clarke CBE
Founding Chair, New Savoy Partnership


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